From Scans to Solutions: Conquer Airway Segmentation and Prognosis in Lung Fibrosis!

The AIIB2023 Challenge is a part of the 26th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2023, which will be held from October 8th to 12th 2023 in Vancouver Convention Centre Canada.

This challenge is an open-call challenge and new submissions are allowed after the conference.

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Lung fibrosis is a highly hazardous disease that necessitates the extraction of quantitative imaging biomarkers for effective analysis and management. In this academic challenge, we encourage participants to address two crucial problems in lung fibrosis CT analysis: airway segmentation and predicting the mortality status of patients with the fibrotic disease within a fixed observation date. The objective is to develop innovative solutions that can automate the process of airway segmentation and enable accurate prognosis prediction.


This challenge offers participants the opportunity to choose between two distinct tasks: airway segmentation and mortality prediction. Participants are not obligated to participate in both tasks; they have the flexibility to select and focus on the one that aligns best with their expertise and interests.

1. All participants should first register on Codalab 🤖.

2. Fill out our Registration Form 📜, sign it 🖋, and send it to for approval 💮.

3. Please refer to the Codalab session for detailed information on the two tasks: airway segmentation and mortality prediction. The Codalab session will provide specific instructions, guidelines, and datasets for each task, allowing participants to access the necessary resources and submit their solutions accordingly 🌈.

4. Go to Task 1. 🔥

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